11A grease trap is a box designed to block grease and sediment (bits of food) from entering your plumbing as well as the city’s plumbing lines. Regular and proper cleaning of your trap is essential. Simply skimming the grease trap or using enzymes to break up the grease is not adequate. The grease and sediment should be entirely removed from the trap.

Any excess grease not taken care of properly can pose a fire hazard. Due to public safety and sewage laws, if grease or sediment is allowed to enter the out-going plumbing lines, you could possibly face city fines.

At HQ-LC we will design a cleaning schedule based on your business needs. The frequency of cleaning depends on how much grease and sediment is being washed down the sink. Some restaurants need a cleaning every two weeks while others may be able to go a bit longer. After one or two cleanings, our highly trained staff will be able to determine the best frequency for your business.

While HQ-LC does take some precautions to help restrain the odor that is released when the lid is opened, we generally suggest the cleaning take place while the restaurant is closed.

Whatever schedule you need to work around, HQ-LC will adjust to meet your needs.