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Kitchen Exhaust Systems Cleaning

Cleaning your Kitchen Exhaust System is essential to avoid the buildup of grease in the ducting. The longer the grease is allowed to remain in the system it continues to harden. Resulting in a longer cleaning time & costing you more money in the long run. 

It is important to clean the hoods, the filters, the fan(s) & all accessible ducting. If these systems are not cleaned properly — and on a regular basis — the grease buildup can cause 3 major areas of concern.

Fire Safety

Grease that is ignited in the exhaust system cannot easily be reached by fire suppression equipment. Grease fires cause millions of dollars in damage every year, destroying many restaurants. Improper or ignored exhaust cleaning is the number one case of fire damage in restaurants. Simply having us come in for regularly scheduled cleaning can be key in maintaining your restaurant’s safety.

Health & Safety

Birds, insects and rodents are attracted to grease and food sediment. Once these creatures make a home of your exhaust and duct systems, they are very difficult to permanently get rid of. Their presence can bring disease, mites, and bacteria to your restaurant through the release of their dander and feces.


Grease build up can greatly hinder the efficiency of your exhaust’s fan. This will lead to higher utility bills and costly maintenance or replacement when the fan’s motor seizes up. Trying to save money by ignoring the need for proper cleaning will only cost you more in the future.

Based of the size and design of your system, the type of food you serve and how well the system has been maintained in the past, HQLC will provide a proper assessment and develop a strategy for your ongoing cleaning needs.

Access Port Installation

HQLC provides & installs access doors in your ducts to aid in the cleaning of areas that were previously not accessible.

Installing access panels allows us to do a more thorough cleaning and ensures your system meets all fire codes.

Installation of access doors is a quick and efficient way to enable a better, safer cleaning. We make a simple cut into your duct system, and place a well sealed access door over the hole. The door is easy to open, but uses several layers of sealing technology to maintain the efficiency of your system.

Access Port - Grease Exhaust

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